Nursing Services

Our nursing staff has many years of professional experience and appreciates the opportunity to assist you with your public health needs.  We are continually assessing our programs and services and making necessary changes to provide you with the highest quality of service.

Here is a complete list of nursing services offered by Laclede County Health Department:

Service Name
Blood Pressure ScreeningNo Fee
Blood Sugar TestingNo Fee (effective 9/1/19)
Communicable Disease Investigation & Outbreak ManagementNo Fee
Community Lab Work Service$10.00/per visit + lab test(s) fee
Physician order required**If additional testing not on our approved list is needed, 
please call ahead of draw date for approval
Community Speaking & Health EducationNo Fee
Wide variety of public health topics available
Diabetic Foot/Nail Care
No Fee
**Appointment Necessary**
Head Checks – LiceNo Fee
Hemoglobin TestingNo Fee (effective 9/1/19)

Children – VFC Qualified
Self Pay

VFC Qualifications: (1) Medicaid insurance coverage, 
(2) No health insurance coverage,
(3) American Indian / Native Alaskan heritage, or
(4) Underinsured – has insurance that does not pay for immunizations.
Adults/Self Pay: Current Vendor Pricing

Lead Testing

$11.00/per test (effective 9/1/19)

A high reading will require a physician follow-up
and further laboratory testing, at client’s own expense. 

Mental Health Medication ManagementNo Fee
Client must provide their own medication and have current physician order
Pregnancy Testing/Counseling$3.00/per test
Seasonal Influenza Medicare – Billed through VaxCare Corporation (if eligible)
No Fee for agency provided doses – Non High Dose Vaccine.
Sexually Transmitted Disease Testing/Medication

No Cost for Laclede County Residents – Proof of residency required.
$5.00/per Test/Treatment for Non-Resident
Nursing staff will consult with client and determine eligibility for testing and/or treatment.

Special Activities, as Physician Directed (e.g., dressing changes)No Fee
Tuberculosis Testing/Medication/Case ManagementFirst Test – $6.00
Second test after missed reading – $11.00
Vital Records – Birth & Death CertificateBirth Certificate – $15.00
Death Certificate – 1st copy $14.00, Additional copies $11.00 ea.