Meet Our Staff

Administrator & Department Directors

Charla Baker, Administrator – Serving the citizens of Laclede County and ensuring the total operations of the Health Department run smoothly is one of the highest priorities for Charla. With a total of 30 years in public health, she has seen a wide variety of programs and services offered by Laclede County Health Department (LCHD), and is always searching for better ways to bring public health services to Laclede County.  Although her position responsibilities keep her in the office the majority of her time, one of her favorite activities is providing educational presentations to county residents.  According to Charla, “There is always time to learn something new and make things better; and learning doesn’t always have to come in a classroom.  Some of my best and hardest lessons have come from getting ‘thrown into the fire’, and doing ‘real life experiences.’ These people here at LCHD…they are MY people, and why I do all that I do, as hard as I do.”

Leslie Anderson, Office Support Director – When clients visit LCHD, every program begins with work initiated by our Office Support Staff.  Leslie leads her staff of Angie Maples and Amanda Brown and has enjoyed 21 years of service. Designated as the official Laclede County Registrar, Leslie oversees the Vital Records Program (Birth & Death Certificates) and the Deputy Registrars at our agency. With over 44 years of combined staff experience Leslie states, “Whether you are celebrating the happiest time of your life, or are grieving a loss of a loved one, my staff and I are here to assist you in all your needs.”  Leslie also leads our Diaper Bank Program.

Don Myers Jr., Environmental/Sanitation Director – Working at a much larger public health agency, Don returned “home” to LCHD and has been our lead Environmental Public Health Specialist for the past 20 years. His department conducts inspections for food establishments, childcare facilities, school cafeterias, and lodging establishments. Working with the Laclede County Commission, our agency handles permitting, inspections and complaints for the Laclede County Wastewater Ordinance. The Environmental/Sanitation Department also houses a state certified Water Testing Laboratory, testing for Coliform and E. coli bacteria. Don’s staff consists of Shelby Hall (Environmental Public Health Specialist) and Alicia Morgan (Office Support).  Protecting ground water and keeping our food sources safe is a major goal of this department, with much of the work done behind the scenes. However, as Don explains, “If what you do works, nobody knows you’ve done it.”

Tracy Legan, WIC Nutritionist/Coordinator – After providing nutrition services for both a hospital facility and another health department, Tracy joined the LCHD team 17 years ago. Under the United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Women, Infants & Children Program (WIC), Tracy directs services for our annual caseload of 13,334 clients.  Promoting the benefits of breastfeeding, good nutrition and adequate physical fitness, Tracy leads her staff of Julie Quick (Nutrition Certifier), Jill Kremer (Nutritionist), Beth McDonald (Breastfeeding Peer Counselor), Rachael Weber (Office Support Assistant), and Glenna Anthony (Office Support Assistant).  Showing by example, Tracy offers these helpful suggestions, “Individuals can affect their overall health with the foods they put into their bodies. Choose more whole foods, cook more at home, grow some of your own foods, eat a variety, and choose healthier beverages.”

Kimberly Smith, Registered Nurse/Director of Nursing – Accepting the role of Director of Nursing in 2018, “Kim” brings 30+ years of public health nursing experience to our agency.  Together with her staff nurses Alicia McAtee/RN and David Wyant/RN, this team provides hundreds of client contact services each year. From investigating Communicable Diseases, to laboratory draws in the Community Laboratory Program, to providing disease-eradicating vaccinations, and so much more; Kim and her staff nurses are dedicated to the care of our county residents, and their overall health. In Kim’s word, “Public Health Nursing is my calling in life.  It’s about educating people ‘before’ the incident happens, and less about reacting to it ‘after’ the fact.”